Jennifer (JJ) Rosenbaum, U.S. Director



JJ is an attorney, organizer, and human rights strategist advocating for human rights, decent work for all, and fair migration.  For over two decades, JJ has used legal, policy, and advocacy strategies to win access to rights and collective power for low-wage workers and advised workers’ centers on transnational grassroots collaborations.  Global Labor Justice follows a more than ten-year record in the post-Katrina Gulf Coast where JJ created a new model of movement lawyering as the founding legal and policy director for the National Guestworker Alliance and the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice.  JJ has litigated cases before trial and appellate courts and led the human, labor, and migrants rights strategy for campaigns including the Signal workers, who exposed labor trafficking from India to the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, and the Justice @ Hershey’s campaign, where hundreds of foreign students won new regulations for the cultural exchange visa program.

JJ has extensive experience with human rights investigations, legal strategies that build collective power, and advising worker, immigrant, and community organizations.  She has testified before Congress, writes and speaks globally, and is regularly consulted by national and global media. She co-chairs the American Bar Association’s Immigration and Human Trafficking Committee and lectures on labor migration and comparative social justice lawyering approaches at Harvard Law School. She previously held a Robina Fellowship at the Orville H. Schell. Jr. Center for International Human Rights with a focus on the intersection of global supply chains chains and labor migration. JJ is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and the Harvard Law School. Follow her on twitter at @rosenbaumjj





Annanya Bhattacharjee, Asia Coordinator

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Nazly Sobhi Damasio, Communications Director



Nazly is a Persian-Venezuelan organizer and visionary campaigns and communications strategist who has been working in various communities to center and uplift the experiences of marginalized communities throughout the US, Latin America, and the Middle East for more than ten years. She began her career organizing women garment workers in maquiladoras against sexual abuse & exploitation along the US/Mexico border and has since worked on numerous campaigns centered at the intersection of gender based justice and labor rights.


As the creator and founder of La Feminista Descolonial, a Spanish-language intersectional feminista platform, Nazly facilitates dialogue online in various Spanish speaking communities globally from an anti capitalist, anti racist, anti oppressive & decolonized perspective in order to spark activism offline. Determined to unapologetically exist and resist in the world, Nazly grounds her work in transformative practices that prioritize relationship building, healing justice, and building movements that are collaborative and sustainable in order to create a world in which the lives of Black and brown people are prioritized and our collective liberation is realized.


Nazly holds a B.A in International Relations from DePaul University and is fluent in Spanish, Farsi, Arabic & English. Nazly is also a classically trained violinist who has been performing domestically and internationally as a soloist and in various ensembles since she was ten years old. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Latina Magazine, The Fader, Remezcla, INDIE Magazine and other digital platforms.





Shikha Silliman Bhattacharjee, Research Fellow



Shikha is a lawyer and researcher. Her research and writing takes an interdisciplinary and transnational perspective in understanding the capacity and limitations of the law to address systematic violence for marginalized communities, with a focus on women and labour migrants. Shikha holds a BA in English and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration from Yale University, a JD and Certificate in Global Human Rights from University of Pennsylvania Law School, and is pursuing a PhD in Jurisprudence and Social Policy from University of California, Berkeley. Shikha’s work is informed by more than a decade of experience working with grassroots campaigns and civil society organizations in the U.S. and South Asia, using legal, research, media and community organizing approaches. Shikha has been an Ella Baker fellow at the Center for Constitutional Rights, a researcher for Human Rights Watch, and a Fulbright Fellow at Swayam. She has worked with numerous organizations in South Asia including Human Rights Law Network, Jan Sahas Social Development Society, PRADAN, the Society for Labour and Development, and Women’s Fund Asia. In 2015, Shikha jointly founded HELM Social Design Studio, the first social design studio in South Asia dedicated to partnering with human rights defenders and their organizations to ideate, fund, and build social design solutions that promote human rights and access to justice. You can follow Shikha’s work on Twitter @shikhaphone and access her research publications at